I miss painting!!!!!!

I really, really, really, really want to get into ceramics!

I want to get into ceramics but
a) the art workshop scares me
b) I need to consider the possibility that I’m too broke for sculptural and spatial practice
c) it’s too much OH&S in there
d) I don’t want to get rough, callous and worn out hands. They’re too soft and pretty fo’ dat

Not sure if I want to do this after the break or save it for next year. I’m gonna do this come hell or high water even if I starve and get man hands.

Proof print of second plate.
Soft ground and later added spit etch.

Okay, no bullshit. I’m just uploading this because I have nothing else to do and it’s mid-semester break. We are only on the second day (weekend, mind you) of the break and I’m already losing my shit. I don’t like breaks. I don’t like doing nothing.



[clap, clap, clap-clap]

Welcome to Wonderland, son.

Today, I learnt that graffiti is really fucking hard. This is the background layer for the previous post. Evidently, I struggled. But it was definitely an interesting break from the usual “art” grind.

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Barely uploading these days. Hells hectic with uni. Anywho, here’s a preliminary sketch I’m working on for an elective class.

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National Moment of Silent Protest for Mike Brown and St. Louis

Lincoln, NE

Support, love and peace from Melbourne, AU.

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Hells typical shots but I love my city.

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Trying to organise things and ummmmm…yeah, nah.

Epiphany Tapu
Rookie Relic
350 x 500 mm
aluminium plate lithograph 

So a couple weeks ago I was finally introduced to lithography through Peter Lancaster. After waiting 2.5 years for it, admittedly I felt a little underwhelmed because I was new to it and a little nervous. I wasn’t dissatisfied with the results, I was over whelmed with how much goes into it; and this is just a plate lithograph. I am yet to have a crack at stone lithography which I imagine to be much more physically demanding. Lancaster summed it up and stumped me when he said: “It’s just 3 steps…”

Yes, but 3 steps with so many variables. To a Master printmaker of his calibre, of course it’s a breeze. Haha. But I will pick it up. I’m still a rookie to it. Gotta give myself a minute.

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First week back for second semester zipped right past. I thought of how fast this year has gone. 5 months ‘til 2015. I’m so sure I just started this degree last week…it’s already a semester down.

Any who, I eased back into things with this little generic guy. A bit of the traditional. 

Hot coco, chocolate and banana bread. Wildest weekend ever!

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epiphanytapu and I are going to have an exhibit together one day.

Now this right here, bwoy!

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