Turning your alarms back on after break always feels dirty and grotesque.

Saturday night. Commission finally offboard. Getting back to uni-based work. Semester starts Monday morning with a lecture. Kinda keen, kinda not.

This break has been action packed with sleep. FYEAH SLEEP!


epiphanytapu and I are going to have an exhibit together one day.

Now this right here, bwoy!

Epiphany Tapu
Adam, Eve and Janus (details)
280mm x 210mm
ballpoint on paper 

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Hey, mofuqs! 10 second clip of the commission progress.

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Hand lettering I finished exactly a week ago. Ballpoint on some horrid reflex paper because I had nothing here at home until now. 

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Short clip of assessment set up. I mean, really. This is just a post for me to whine about how much I feel run down and like arse right now. Have not had a proper sleep in a solid month. It’s not insomnia. It’s just a shitty bout of sleeplessness. It comes and goes, hey. I think my anaemia is setting back in. That’s probably a major reason why. Due in for the doc, I guess, hey. Any who. Mid-year break is here. Time to go nuts again with nothing to do with myself. Breaks never do me any good. Worst. June 30, run up, mate! I need to get back in. Got ideas to flesh out.

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Brother’s portrait progress. Throwback.

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Confused - Stwo

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Life drawing. She’s actually pretty big. A0 or a little bigger. Prepping for assessment. Barely got organised today/night. Hmmm…gonna have to wait to really iron it out in the morning. Space-wise, it’s difficult when everybody has large-scale work. Plan B is dumping everything in my studio in piles. Hell yeah, slacker plan!

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Too damn tall for this gotdang mirror. Been a while.

Life drawing. Realised I have no “colourful” mediums. Only had high-lighters. 

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Life drawing. Willy, the Bolivian muso.

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